More than 30 years of experience in the construction sector

TROSSOS DE MARÈS, SL is a company that produces constructive and decorative elements in all types of stone. Salvador Riera Rosselló founded the company in 1992, and it has continued to grow and consolidate its position within the sector right up to this day.

His son, Toni Riera Salom, now heads the workforce that is specially trained to undertake all projects with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Trosos de marés
Trosos de marés

Our products

We design and craft all types of architectural and decorative elements for your home using sandstone, Majorcan stone, granite, marble and porcelain. Each home is unique and different, and it is for this reason that we listen to your dreams and help you make them come true.

Our materials

We work with all kinds of construction materials from the world of stone: sandstone, Majorcan stone, Santanyí stone, marbles, granites and porcelain. At Trossos de Marès we have the exclusive rights to sell Coverlam, the latest in porcelain technology. Here you can see some examples of the materials we work with, although please be aware that, apart from porcelain, all the products are natural and therefore the texture, format, grain and tone may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

Pica de gris zarzi
Escala rialto
Façana gost
Arcs Rialto
Voltes caubet
Arc Son Balaguer
Bany caprocat
Escala interior
Escala de caragol
Escala Son Balaguer

Our services

Our customers can enjoy our showroom displaying samples of the different elements we make at Trossos de Marès, SL and view a wide range of options to suit your choice of different finishes, colours and textures in the materials for your projects.

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Our design and delineation team advise clients by studying the feasibility of each of the projects proposed. The technical team will contact you to personalise your requests and take care of all the details in order to achieve your construction requirements. We also offer a no-obligation quotation service.

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The professionals that comprise our workshop team fashion all the custom-made elements produced at Trossos de Marès, SL. The extensive experience of the production workforce enables them to work optimally and professionally thanks to their perfect understanding of the materials and their behaviour.

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We are specialists at installing elements that require experience and skilled professionalism. From a kitchen or bathroom countertop to an archway or even ribbed vaults, you can be assured that you are in trusted, expert hands, enjoying all the guarantees that this brings.

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